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Zoodohos Pigi is a recently renovated private clinic, located in the city center of Chios island at number 10 Evaggelistrias street.

The company V. Misailidou & SIA O.E. Owens and runs the clinic since 2014, offering high quality medical services and hospitalization services to all citizens regardless of socioeconomic background. The medical staff and the nursing team are working together to offer the best possible services to the patients.

The clinic is contracted with EOPYY giving all citizens the opportunity to use its services at a minimal cost. The clinic is a member of the Greek Private Clinics Association.

    It’s has 30 beds for inpatient. It has a Pathologicy department, an Ophthalmology department, a Surgical department, and a Radiology department.

      The surgery room is equipped with advanced medical equipment, thus enabling the performance of conducting any surgical procedure safely. Both surgical and ophthalmological departments work with excellent medical staff.

    The surgical room is recently renovated and follows strictly all the health and safety guidelines thus minimizing the possibility of any in-hospital infections.

    It has a laparoscopic tower, endoscopic tower, the latest anesthesiology equipment and equipment for ophthalmological surgeries such as  cataract and phacoemulsification.

   The nursing staff are all graduates from excellent nursing schools and are all acknowledged for their ethical work, their determination and caring for the patients. They are always trained and continue to train to any new methods and developments following the latest medical and technological evolutions.

   They are always standing by their patients supporting them emotionally as well as medically throughout their healing journeys.

The clinic has a physiotherapist offering services to the inpatients on a daily basis.

  Our goal is to achieve excellent result for all patients, within a sense of cooperation, mutual support, understanding and teamwork. Our patients can heal in a pleasant and decent environment.

The rooms are single bedrooms (A class) , double rooms (B class), and triple rooms (C class). The clinic has 30 beds in comfortable rooms. Every room has central heating and aircodition, land line telephones, Wi-Fi, and TV. The room colors have been carefully selected so as to be relaxing and pleasant for the patients.

The clinic has hospitable conditions for the patients in a pleasant environment where the main focus is companion for human needs.

The clinic has central heating and aircoditioning, fire detectors, automatic electricity generator, central supplies of medical gases such as oxygen. These facilities allow the optimum functionality of the clinic as expected of any contemporary medical services.

Special focus is placed on the hygiene and the functionality of the spaces.

The clinic offers meals according to the program designed by a specialized nutritionist and all meals a carefully prepared, with top

quality ingredients by experienced staff.

For the uninsured patients the pricing fluctuates within an affordable range for all socioeconomic backgrounds. Our goal is to offer high quality medical services to The clinic, taking into account the difficulty financial circumstances the patients often face, has adapted the pricing of its services in affordable levels for everyone, without letting the high quality of services provided being any lower.

 Zoodohos Pigi clinic is contracted with EOPYY and any additional expenses for the patients are following and are limited to the guidelines set by EOPYY since 18/11/2012. These guidelines by EOPYY for those insured suggest that each patient is charged for only 30% for his stay and hospitalization in the clinic in a triple bed room. It is possible that an upgrade can be made to a double room without any additional charges, within social and corporate responsibilities, whenever possible and according to availability.


  The clinic is certified with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22.000:2005.

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