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Patients admision

The patient is admitted to the clinic after examination by his or her physician, who, depending on the diagnosis he / she makes, determines whether the patient needs hospitalization. If the treating physician is not a clinician, he should inform the physicians of the clinic of the reasons for admission to the clinic, the condition, the history and the treatment of the patient.

The clinic does not have an emergency department and therefore, before your admission you should contact the clinic or its physicians to be examined at the clinic or at home or even in the private clinic of the clinician or treating physician. (unless he is a clinician).

Please know and inform as soon as possible the medical and nursing staff about the medication you may have received or received in the last trimester, as well as any allergies you may have. 

We recommend that you bring along your necessary clothing and personal hygiene products.

The office staff will assist you in filling out all the necessary forms, explain the entry process and, after arranging your insurance coverage (if applicable), will accompany you to your room.

We inform you that the «Zoodohos Pigi» clinic has a wireless connection (WiFi).


What to have with you

When you are admitted, please contact the clinic's accounting office, where you will need to provide the following documents:
  • Police ID or passport
  • Illness Book & Social Security Number (AMKA) .

It is also advisable to have the following that you will provide to clinicians for information.
  • Recent medical exams, such as x-rays, diagnoses, test results etc, especially the last 30 days.
  • Have with you or make sure you know the medicines you are taking to consider treatment



Have with you or make sure you know the medicines you are taking so they can be considered for treatment. Caution: You should not take medicines without informing your doctor while you are in hospital. Tell your doctor about non-prescription medicines (general, homeopaths, herbs, etc.) that you took in the last trimester, continue to take or have stopped taking.


Visiting hours and policies

Our beloved ones are important to us when we are undergoing treatments and they always help to our fastest recovery. Thus we encourage family and friends to visit our inpatients.

However we must be very careful regarding the number of visitors per patient at the same time (we strongly recommend that only one visitor is in the room at any time). If any inpatients wishes to limit their visitors or phone calls can do so by informing the nurse in charge.

During the doctors’ visit at the patients’ rooms for the daily examination and treatment practices, in the case of emergency measures or during patients’ resting hours, visitors or accompanying persons are not allowed in the rooms (they can wait in the eating room area in each floor).

Visiting Hours are between: 10.00 -14.00 and between: 17.00- 20.00 .

Please ask your friends and family to not visit in case they have a cold or any other contagious conditions.



Please arrange with your treating physician in advance of your discharge procedure so that you can leave by 12:00 pm.

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