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Privacy policy

The company “General Clinc Zoodohos Pigi V. Misailidou O.E.” (With AFM , DOY CHios that operates based at Evageliatrias steet n.10 on Chíos) has as a main aim the respect and the protection of personal data and the privacy of the patients and its clients as well as its visitors, its staffs and of those collaborating with it.
Our company struggles to apply the data protection act in all of its aspects as we believe that they represent our strong belief and goal to follow ethical and responsible practices.
For the above reasons we follow the Data Protection Policies For Private Information, as the laws state (ΕΕ) 2016/679, that is in effect since 25 May 2018.
With mentioned law all personal information of anyone involved, patients and visitors that may need to
be processed are secured through our data protection commitment.
All information provided by the patients, their medical records or by the insurance companies are treated according to the ethical and legal guidelines.

All patients staying at the clinic sign consent forms agreeing to share their medical and personal information with the clinic.
A special software is used in all the computers if the company that allows us to protect the information of the patients and does not allow them
to leak into the web.

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