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Room Types & Diet

The rooms are single rooms (A class) , double rooms (B class), and triple rooms (C class). The clinic has 30 beds in comfortable rooms.

Every room has central heating and aircodition, land line telephones, Wi-Fi, and TV. The room colors have been carefully selected so as to be relaxing and pleasant for the patients.

The clinic has hospitable conditions for the patients in a pleasant environment where the main focus is companion for human needs.

The clinic has central heating and aircoditioning, fire detectors, automatic electricity generator, central supplies of medical gases such as oxygen. These facilities allow the optimum functionality of the clinic as expected of any contemporary medical services.

Special focus is placed on the hygiene and the functionality of the spaces.


The clinic offers meals according to the program designed by a specialized nutritionist and all meals a carefully prepared, with top quality ingredients by experienced staff.

The clinic has ISO 22.000: 2005 certification (food safety management system)

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