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The Pathology department of the clinic deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases within the range of Internal Pathology. It offers high quality services to the patients, based on the experience and constant information of its doctors.

Laboratory blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound scans and digestive endoscopy are performed to diagnose the patient. Also, if it is necessary to have CT and magnetic resonance imaging of the patient, the patient is transported with the clinic's ambulance to the private diagnostic centers desired by the patient, after contacting the treating physician with the radiologist at the diagnostic center.

Blood transfusions are performed at the clinic, after consultation with the blood donation department of Chios Hospital, as well as hospitalizations for the administration of chemotherapy drugs to patients with neoplasia who cannot travel to Athens. The chemotherapy drugs are administered after the clinician's collaboration with their oncologist.



Scientific directors of Pathological department


Damalas Aris Internist 6936709057

Saris George Internist 6944465870

Misailidis Nikos Gastrederologist 6945387676


External scientific consultants of Pathological department


Topaka Ifigenia Pulmonologist 6944508773

Fillas Helias Internist 6945201055

Karamouzos Manolis Neurologist 6975991385

Kirlagkitsis Ioannis Gastroenterologist 6972993443

Pirgeli Maria Medicine & Riabilitation 6977441969

Giassas Stelios Oncologist 6974442289

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